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NIKE Womens Ultra Comfort Thong Sandal Pink Fire Ii/White-iced Lilac CArix NIKE Womens Ultra Comfort Thong Sandal Pink Fire Ii/White-iced Lilac CArix NIKE Womens Ultra Comfort Thong Sandal Pink Fire Ii/White-iced Lilac CArix NIKE Womens Ultra Comfort Thong Sandal Pink Fire Ii/White-iced Lilac CArix NIKE Womens Ultra Comfort Thong Sandal Pink Fire Ii/White-iced Lilac CArix
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CADSoft Consulting is now ATG USA

You may have heard about our recent acquisition by ATG USA. Together as one company, we can leverage each other's strengths and move further toward our commitment of providing the best technical support, customer service, and design solutions available to customers in the United States

Our customer relationships, based on value and success, are positioned to benefit greatly from this move. As a result of our newly formed company, you will now have access to an expanded portfolio of services and training to meet all of your AEC needs. You will continue to work with the same people in our Arizona, New Mexico and Texas offices that you have in the past, with new opportunities for quicker response times through a larger combined staff.

ATG West Phone Number: JORDAN MENS RETRO 7 MARVIN THE MARTIAN SNEAKER Black Footwear/Sneakers 11 a2GBm

It's time to tell our story. Together. Click to continue to ATGUSA.COM
Stronger relationships. Greater success.
Feb 19 2015

Wanting to save a view as an image for reports? There are a few easy steps totaking higher-quality image shots within Revit as a Render image. It will store the image in the Revit Project Browser, after which the image view in Revit is exported to a standalone file for creating reports.

Let’s get into the details.

Select a View

The view can be plan, section, 3D, or whichever you need. Set the view as needed to optimize how it will be presented in the report. AmoonyFashion Womens Open Toe Low Heels Zipper Solid Sandals with Metal Ornament Black t2yOBlTBb

When I usea 3D view with a section box, I want to zoom to a portion of the model to illustrate a point in my report to the project’s stakeholders. From the image below, after I have spun the oriented the view as needed, I am ready to save the view as an image.

Save the Project as a Image

Do a right click on the view name in the project browser and right click on the name to open the context-based tools. Select “Save to Project as Image.”

This will then bring up a setting dialog box.

Just follow the setup per the image above, giving consideration on how “Save Image to Project” would need to be optimized for your report.

After the image is saved, look in the Project Browser for the saved image under the Rendering Category. Custom browser organization might not display the Renders category.

Before beginning to export the freshly created view(s), save the project in a way that makes it visible in the list of views to export. Go to the Revit Start Icon in the upper left corner of the Revit session. Keep in mind that there are many export options, and it’s necessary to scroll down near the bottom to find the “Export as Image” option.

It’s worth nothing that the “Export Image” dialog box does offer a way to directly export the current view, as opposed to the steps we went through to create the Render views beforehand. The process shown above, however, lets us set up several views to save to the Renders category and be exported in one step.

After exporting, browse to the folder the Project is in, and find the files that were created in the Export procedure.

The quality might be a little better than a screen grab.

I have to share this little gem.

We all know when placing a family component to the model that the spacebar option rotates the family along a 90-degree segment, right?

Well, try this option: When the non-hosted family must be rotated in respect to a previously placed line or reference plane of some unknown angle in the model, place the family and then rotate it.

Next, begin to place the component family and then hover the family over the angled reference (or arc), highlighting the reference (line, wall, etc). Click on the spacebar; the preview placements will flip between perpendicular or parallel to the reference object.

Autodesk Live

If you need to share something more than static images with the project team and stakeholders, consider using Autodesk Live , which is a cloud-based solution for uploading Revit models and rendering them in minutes without tying up system resources.

It’s an easy workflow with an add-in application loaded to the Add-ins tab in Revit. Using an Editor tool, tweak lighting and shadows to best reflect lighting conditions specific to the time of the year with graphics settings.

Next, add a bit of render stylizing to the view and publish the views for client presentations. Then share the model link to the project team and its stakeholders by using a free download called Nike Womens Air Max Tailwind 8 Running Shoe 55 t3sTgA4Sa4

The Live Editor uses .lvmd files, created using the Bettye Muller Womens Tristan Sport Sandal Black F9RNss3b
. Live Editor is subscription software and only available on Windows platforms. It allows you to perform several tasks:

If you have a VR headset, Autodesk Live will make the experience even more immersive for client and team members with capability to navigate the model.

NIKE Ws Flyknit Zoom Agility 698616002 n5ueK

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Cody Fox says:

Very cool tip on flipping between perpendicular or parallel to the reference object.

vari says:

thanks for this info

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Next assume that DailyShoes Womens Combat Style Lace up Ankle Bootie Round Toe Military Knit Credit Card Knife Money Wallet Pocket Boots Orange Beige Pu 7irsl3
is satisfied. Then

f ( z ) = q q H , v ( z ) v ( z ) H = q q H , I + q q H , n i = 1 T i v i ( z ) + q q H , n i = 1 T T i ¯ v i ( z ) = q q H , I + n i = 1 q q H , T i v i ( z ) + n i = 1 q q H , T T i ¯ v i ( z ) = x 0 + 2 ( n i = 1 x i v i ( z ) )

with x i = q q H , T i . Conversely, assume that (6.30) holds. Then

This is a tactical idea for passive self-promotion.

Your account needs to appear consistent. Delete off-topic tweets. After a day of no replies or retweets, delete it.

A consistent twitter is resource worth following. When people see that you don’t have thousands of tweets archived, your account looks ordered.

Aim to have fewer tweets archived than your follower count. The lower you can make this ratio, the better.

Think of twitter as a showcase: Only the best stuff should be on display.

If you build a twitter account supporting Trump, you better be a huge Trump supporter. This is true if you build an account about social justice, white supremacy, sales, or art.

You don’t have to be public—two of the most authentic accounts I follow are anonymous. But you must absolutely have to live the life you build your twitter theme around.

You can’t have an account about healthy eating if you’re a fat ass. You’d have more success with fat acceptance account.

Whatever your theme is, you have to live it.

Even if you’re anonymous, your tweets will show authenticity. Authenticity is attractive and powerful because, by definition, it is impossible to fake.

“I am completely transparent Easemax Womens Trendy Frosted Round Toe Mid Hidden Heel Lace Up Boots Beige EDr1Xzrs
and twitter”

Many fresh accounts make this mistake.

They read a tweet or an article that they really like. I know they really like it because they retweet it.

The end. This level of effort is unacceptable.

Anyone can retweet what they see. To inspire engagement, you need to add value to the things you retweet. I like to quote an important line or give a glowing recommendation when I retweet.

Some tweets stand alone and simply require a retweet. I regularly quote the best line from the article before I share it. It works wonders for the article exposure. I’m always trying to help.

I almost wrote “Good bio”, but this article is about growing your twitter following.

A “good bio” is the twitter equivalent of a “nice guy.” No one likes a nice guy.

A “great bio” mentions extraordinary things about yourself. A great bio shows what makes you stand out.

Get creative, keep it within the theme, and be exceptional. Be honest and authentic.

Your bio is great if you think it’d be a great tagline for a resume or a dating profile.

Twitter is a platform that rewards writing skill. Tortor 1Bacha Mens Retro Leather Slippers FlipFlops Coffee RFIpQhLP

There’s a reason why so many big accounts have blogs.

It’s not because blogging gives you great content to share. That helps, but the real benefit is that it forces you to exercise your writing muscle.

As long as you are getting better, your ability to put a message in 280 characters will improve.

If you tweet high quality messages,more people will follow you.

The Documentary Network

Explore the world with amazing videos. You can select videos by topic, location or type. The choice is yours. With our World-Map you can travel the world and select drone, timelapse or 360 videos.

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