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Carolbar Womens Buckle Peep Toe Bows Stilettos Bridal Dress Sandals Black xQvEUG
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  • Manmade Material
  • Heel Height: 3.5"
  • Peep Toe
  • Listing images were taken off actual product, however, actual color may differ slightly due to different monitor display setting.

Under normal circumstances, this is the Connection currently being used to emit SQL to the database.

In a SQL script context, this value is None . [TODO: verify this]

Return the MigrationContext object that’s currently in use.

Register an implementation for a given MigrateOperation .

This is part of the operation extensibility API.

See also

Operation Plugins - example of use

Produce an ‘inline literal’ expression, suitable for using in an INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE statement.

When using Alembic in “offline” mode, CRUD operations aren’t compatible with SQLAlchemy’s default behavior surrounding literal values, which is that they are converted into bound values and passed separately into the execute() method of the DBAPI cursor. An offline SQL script needs to have these rendered inline. While it should always be noted that inline literal values are an enormous security hole in an application that handles untrusted input, a schema migration is not run in this context, so literals are safe to render inline, with the caveat that advanced types like dates may not be supported directly by SQLAlchemy.


See SOLE Mens Steady Obsidian SgITz
for an example usage of inline_literal() .

The environment can also be configured to attempt to render “literal” values inline automatically, for those simple types that are supported by the dialect; see EnvironmentContext.configure.literal_binds for this more recently added feature.

See also

Given a MigrateOperation , invoke it in terms of this Operations instance.

New in version 0.8.0.

Register a new operation for this class.

This method is normally used to add new operations to the Operations class, and possibly the BatchOperations class as well. All Alembic migration operations are implemented via this system, however the system is also available as a public API to facilitate adding custom operations.

Indeed, closer inspection reveals that allegations of Mennonite hardship are often complaints that Nazism did not live up to its potential. If only the Eastern Front had held; if only religious reform had been more thorough; if only welfare programs were more generous—then Mennonite life would have been easier. Even the Holocaust and other persecutions are said to have “occasioned much disappointment among Mennonites.” This may be true. But note how the author chooses to emphasize the “disappointment” of Aryans, not the actual enslavement and slaughter of Jews. Despite the fading of his own initial “euphoria” for Germany, he could remain “deeply grateful.”

Mennonite authors and editors should think carefully before writing or printing pieces about the Third Reich. This is an important topic and requires our attention. But we must approach it in ways that do not recapitulate racism. Even those of us with good intentions need to be wary. In April, the cover story of a major denominational magazine laudably covered Mennonites and the Holocaust; yet in her introduction, the editor blithely compared Mennonites murdering Jews to Jews murdering Jesus—arguably the single most injurious trope of Christian anti-Semitism. Proofreaders apparently saw no problem with invoking “the crowd that yelled ‘Crucify him!’”

A few rules of thumb might be helpful. If you are discussing Nazism or the Holocaust, consider how someone from a different background might react—particularly if you are defending actions by your own group. Second, be aware of contextual differences: refocusing from the Holocaust to Soviet atrocities erases the specificity of Jewish genocide. Finally, when evaluating suffering, do not discriminate. While Mennonites have faced many difficulties, they never suffered alone. Nor were they always victims. Anabaptists, of all people, must surely grasp that violence can permeate even the most peaceable of cultures, a process we should understand but never justify.

Ben Goossen is a historian at Harvard University. He is the author of Chosen Nation: Mennonites and Germany in a Global Era , published in 2017 by Princeton University Press.

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by simonedhorst

The beauty of old and rare books is that through studying some of them we can learn not just about the ideas of the writer, but also the life of their reader. We are fortunate in the Menno Simons Historical Library to have some rare books that give us an insight into the work of Dutch Mennonites in the eighteenth century. These books were given as prizes to children who did well in their catechism classes. The prize encouraged children to learn scripture and the books that were given taught them about the faith of the Mennonite church. Topics ranged from martyr books to histories of the Bible and Mennonite doctrine. We have at least eight examples of prize books in our collection, and I will highlight a few here.

(6.17) maximize t r ( X T Z ) subject to [ I Z T Z I ] 0 ,

with the dual problem (see Example 8.8 )

(6.18) minimize t r ( U + V ) / 2 subject to [ U X T X V ] 0.

In other words, using strong duality we can characterize the epigraph A t with

(6.19) [ U A T A V ] 0 , t r ( U + V ) / 2 t .

For a symmetric matrix the nuclear norm corresponds to the sum of absolute values of eigenvalues, and for a semidefinite matrix it simply corresponds to the trace of the matrix.

Several quadratic or quadratic-over-linear matrix inequalities follow immediately from Schur’s lemma. Suppose A : R m × p and B : R p × p are matrix variables. Then

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